By completing and submitting the application, the applicant agrees to the application procedure and consents to the use of his/her personal information as part of the application process.

Conditions of participation & Data Protection

We provide our assurance that we will treat your personal information with the highest degree of confidentiality. No submissions that fail to make it into the final selection round for the VORDENKER COMMUNITY will be passed on to third parties or published without your prior written consent.

We hope that you regard the professionalism and integrity of WirtschaftsWoche as adequate assurance concerning our promise of absolute confidentiality. Nonetheless, we understand if you would like us to provide you with a written confidentiality statement before you electronically submit your documents. If you would like such a statement, please send us a brief email with your name under a new email address. We will be happy to send you a signed document.

By submitting the application, you provide your consent allowing WirtschaftsWoche and its partner The Boston Consulting Group to potentially publish your name and contact information in a restricted VORDENKER COMMUNITY area on the website or in WirtschaftsWoche (in print or online). You grant Handelsblatt GmbH and The Boston Consulting Group the necessary rights of use for this purpose.

WirtschaftsWoche, its partner The Boston Consulting Group and members of the Leadership Board reserve the right to exclude submissions that are not deemed to be suitable upon evaluation and/or that do not fulfil the application criteria.

WirtschaftsWoche assumes no liability for the loss or incompleteness of the information submitted by participants, unless the loss or incompleteness of said information is due to conduct on the part of the organisers or the publication’s employees which is deliberate or grossly negligent. This also applies to the disclosure of information by third parties due to technical errors during the transmission of data and/or unauthorised access.

Any legal recourse is prohibited.