Challengers meet today‘s Leaders.

The Vordenker Community

With the VORDENKER COMMUNITY, we aim to pool the best talent from the German business world and turn each member of this elite group of up-and-coming leaders into a challenger of today’s top decision makers. Through the Panel and the Challenges of the VORDENKER COMMUNITY, every member is given a voice – and that voice is heard.

No matter whether the talented up-and-comers hail from large corporations, SMEs or start-ups, all professional sectors are sought after. Acceptance is based on established criteria to ensure a uniform standard of excellence. Those who wish to become a member of the community should therefore already hold a middle or senior management position. Applicants must demonstrate a high level of initiative and commitment, possess good social skills and want to help shape the future of tomorrow today.

Membership in the VORDENKER COMMUNITY can only be attained through a personal invitation extended by the jury after an applicant has successfully registered. Membership cannot be transferred to another person.

We will approach the VORDENKER COMMUNITY several times a year with specific questions on current issues and developments concerning the German business world. The questions will be developed in coordination with the jury and the editorial team. The responses will then be analysed and published.

In this way, the VORDENKER will not only serve as a sentiment indicator for the next generation, they will also be able to actively contribute their ideas and spark spirited discussions.